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Cliff Bleszinski's LawBreakers is no longer free-to-play - Lawbreakers for PC News

The change was announced at GDC yesterday, where Boss Key confirmed that the game will initially launch exclusively on the Steam platform.It won't, however, carry the $60 price point of a traditional boxed product. read more

Boss Key Studios' Lawbreakers alpha test sign-ups live

Cliff Bleszinski’s Boss Key Studios is working on their new gravity-defying shooter Lawbreakers and alpha test sign-ups are live.No dates for the alpha test have been set as yet, but if a shooter with gravity-based combat set in a futuristic America appeals, then get your name down now. read more

The New LawBreakers Trailer Is Bloody And Profane, Alpha Registration Open

If you like what you see from Boss Key Productions' upcoming multiplayer shooter in the new "Between Our Guns" trailer, you can sign up for the alpha now on the official LawBreakers website.The trailer drops the f-bomb a couple times, but also shows off LawBreakers' unique over-the-top action, including a shot of someone blindly shooting over their shoulder, Force lightning, rockets everywhere, and someone apparently going super saiyan. read more