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The Technomancer Gameplay Hours and Resolution Discussion

There's a brief two-part interview with SPIDERS CEO Jehanne Rousseau up on WCCF Tech this weekend, with the topics of conversation focusing on their upcoming RPG The Technomancer.In the first entry, we learn that the game will run at 900p and 30 FPS on the Xbox One: And in the second entry, we learn that it will span 50+ hours' worth of gameplay across the main storyline and side quests: read more

Bastion And Transistor Dev Announces New RPG Pyre

The development team responsible for the beloved games Bastion and Transistor, Supergiant Games, has announced their next game today.The game is called Pyre and is described as a party-based RPG that has you wander through a “mystical purgatory” with other exiles while competing with others for the ability to return home. read more

Pyre is the new game from the creators of Transistor and Bastion - Pyre for PS4 News

Announced for release in 2017 for Steam and making its console debut on PS4, Pyre sees players lead a band of exiles through an ancient competition across a vast, mythical purgatory.Gameplay promises to blend "expressive decision making on the world map with fast, action-packed confrontations against rival groups of exiles". read more