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Dark Souls 3 Guide: How to Level Up your Character

So, to help out, here’s our quick guide on how to level up in Dark Souls 3.At this point, a menu will pop up showing you all of your stats, and how many Souls you have collected. read more

Tom Clancy's The Division Guide: What Are Phoenix Credits, How to Earn Them, and Where to Spend Them -

Alright, so you've hit level 30 in The Division, and you realise that's the cap.You'll also earn Phoenix Credits from Incursions, once they're added as part of the DLC. read more

Tom Clancy's The Division Guide: Blueprints and Crafting Explained -

The one you'll be using most is in your Base of Operations, but there are some crafting stations in the Dark Zone too.Destroying a standard item will give you standard crafting materials, and so on. read more

Tracer has blinked her way into the Heroes of the Storm Nexus!

Deal 557 (265 + 4% per level) damage to a nearby enemy, prioritizing Heroes.Gain 5% Pulse Bomb charge when damaging an enemy, and 10% against Heroes. read more

6 Things You Need Know about Guild Wars 2's Massive Spring Update

When you boot up the updated Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns client and open your inventory, you'll be greeted by your new Shared Inventory slots.Inside your Shared Inventory, you'll find your free Level 80 Boost, which will bring a single character to Level 80. read more

Pokemon Go Guide: How To Get Better Healing Items

Early in the game, you will be limited to the simple Potions that you get at level 5 that you can use to heal your Pokemon by 20 points.Once you reach level 10, you will receive 20 Super Potions, which heal your Pokemon by 50 points per use. read more

Hitman's January Update Adds Professional Difficulty Level

The first season of IO Interactive’s Hitman reboot came to a conclusion late last year, though their starting off 2017 by adding a new difficulty to the mix.The new difficulty is called the Professional difficulty, which will be coming to the game through a free update on January 31st to coincide with the game’s physical release. read more

The Disney Afternoon Collection Guide: Recommended Order of Upgrades In Talespin

The Disney Afternoon Collection is a compilation of six Capcom games originally released on the NES that were based on shows from Disney’s popular Disney Afternoon block.The most different of the games included in The Disney Afternoon Collection is definitely Talespin, which is a side-scrolling shooter game. read more

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Guide: How To Drift For The Biggest Boost

However, learning how to get turbo boosts effectively throughout the race is even more important, which is done through drifting.For anyone that has played the Mario Kart series over the years, you should know what drifting is, even when it was known as powersliding in the past. read more