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You can now realistically test a tattoo with this app before getting it

Thanks to tech and startup culture, which is much more lax than traditional places, it's now acceptable to show off your permanent ink in the wild.But there is, of course, still trepidation over committing to permanent ink. read more

Why the Internet is going crazy over these $1,000 shirts

This DHL shirt is this season's hautest item, and it's selling off the shelves for a whopping $330.Add that to the $1,000 remake of this Snoop Dogg tee from 1993 that's also going wild on the Interwebs. read more

Prince's style invented the sex symbol

Though the singer reportedly died Thursday morning in Minnesota, at the age of 57, his legacy — especially with style — will be remembered.Though only a teen, he owned his sexuality onstage and off with singles like "I wanna be your lover," and "I feel for you. read more