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First look: Hands on with Ubuntu on Windows 10

So I couldn’t wait to try out Canonical’s Ubuntu for Windows when Microsoft announced it would become part of Windows 10.Presumably this will be easy once the final “Anniversary Edition” of Windows 10 ships, but for now it involves a few steps. read more

Microsoft was serious about Linux apps running natively on Windows 10

Though most reports focused on Bash itself, what Microsoft and Canonical actually delivered was a complete Linux userland.Intrepid experimenters running the latest Windows 10 preview build that have been playing with this new functionality have actually gotten GUI-based Linux apps to run under Windows. read more

Linux PC built in a Nintendo DS-sized package

OEMs are building some impressively small computers these days, but not many of them pack an entire PC into a package the size of a Nintendo DS like this one does.It’s basically a miniaturized laptop — it has a full-color LCD display, QWERTY keyboard, and a battery — built around a Raspberry Pi 2 board. read more