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Might & Magic Heroes VII "Modding in Axeoth" Guide

Aspiring map makers will be happy to see that the official Might & Magic Heroes VII blog has been updated with a guide on how to leverage the new assets included within the Lost Tales of Axeoth content within your own custom-made maps.A little something to get the gears turning: read more

Bask in the Gothic Glory of This Haunting Magic: The Gathering Art

Magic: The Gathering ’s 70th expansion Shadows over Innistrad is finally here, and it’s a return to the creepy, twisted world of Innistrad—and we have an exclusive look at some of the amazing art and cards that are part of this new wave of collectible cards.Shadows over Innistrad brings 297 new cards to Magic the Gathering, all themed around the gothic plane of Innistrad—werewolves, zombies, creepy abbies, you name it, and it’s found here! read more

Gaming Steve | Gaming Steve Episode 65 – 12.11.2007

Although this week’s news wasn’t as crazy as last week there was plenty of interesting items in the world of gaming.And by amazing coincidence I had the opportunity to sit down with yet another representative from Wizards of the Coast (seriously, it was completely unplanned). read more

The latest Warcraft movie trailer is out -

The brand new Warcraft TV Spot trailer is out, featuring war, magic, flying stuff and more.Warcraft is from Moon and Source Code director Duncan Jones and will launch June 3 in the Uk. read more