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Free The Nipple Music Video

With this song and music video, I am trying to make people more aware of the sexist restrictions women face.Matt Griffo wrote the song "Free The Nipple" based on the widespread campaign of the same name. read more

2014 Women’s Summit | Conferences

Traditionally, power has been defined as the ability to effect change, but to be truly powerful today,one has to possess an entrepreneurial mindset, spirit, and approach.Whether it’s leading a multinational firm focused on innovation, launching a startup solving a decades-old challenge,or spearheading a social movement that will improve the lives of millions, it’s all entrepreneurship. read more

Pokemon Go Guide: How To Make Pokemon Stronger

The basic premise of Pokemon since the very beginning has been to capture a variety of different Pokemon and then raise them to be stronger.This is typically done by battling in other games, but with battling limited to the gyms for now in Pokemon Go, you must go another route to make them stronger. read more

Rime May No Longer Be A PS4 Exclusive As New Publishers Are Revealed

While the wait for Rime has been pretty brutal, it looks like there might finally be a light at the end of the tunnel.Recently a new press release came out for the game that revealed that a couple of other publishers (Grey Box and Six Foot) would be helping Tequila Works publish the game at some point next year. read more

"Apocalypse Now" Video Game Launches Kickstarter

Francis Ford Coppola, the director of films like Patton, The Godfather, and Apocalypse Now, is teaming up with a team of game developers to make “an immersive, psychedelic horror RPG” based on the latter film.It’s worth noting that the developers say Apocalypse Now, although it takes place during the Vietnam War, will not be just an average shooter. read more