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Do you know has Ultimate War launched a new US Server?

Like the title said, Ultimate War has launched a new US server, and have you played it on the new server?GoGames. read more

Presents: Introducing Jason Imms

Let's see how many Densha de Go!I wouldn't mind another game like Chase the Express. read more

Axiom Verge PS Vita Review

When Axiom Verge released for PlayStation 4 and PC last year, it was another indie success story where a game with clear retro influences was able to break through the fog of AAA and actually gain attention and praise.2D platformers always work very well on the Vita thanks to its fantastic genre-fitting design and sharp screen, and Axiom Verge definitely isn’t the game to buck that trend even with the aforementioned control issues. read more

Zika-spreading mosquitoes are being trapped by 'sweaty' advertising ()

A new advertising billboard in Rio de Janeiro targets not a human audience, but Brazil's population of Zika-spreading mosquitoes.A catch mechanism is positioned at the bottom of the raised billboard to target the mosquitoes which, on average, fly 1. read more

Boys Night-Debut Album

Thank you for checking out our Kickstarter to help fund releasing our debut album, Boys Night.The availability of classic instruments and equipment such as the Fender Rhodes gives us a unique, vintage quality matched with forays into contemporary music. read more

Western Version Of Tekken 7 May Not Have Swimsuits During Launch Says Producer

The producer for Tekken 7, Katsuhiro Harada, suggests the Western version of the game may not have swimsuits at launch.A fan asked if swimsuits will be in the Western version of Tekken 7 as they are readily available in the Japanese version. read more

Final Fantasy 15 English Voice Cast Revealed

The English voice cast for Final Final Fantasy 15 has finally been revealed, which has been done through the release of a new video showing many of them in action.The video is over six minutes long and gives us a snippet of who plays who, as well as their interpretations of the characters. read more

PSN Down: Services Limited Causing Problems for Many Users

The main center of trouble seems to be Europe, but the PlayStation Network might struggle in the US and elsewhere until Sony works out the problem.We currently don’t have tons of info about what is wrong, but the official PSN service status page lists many features as “limited”, which usually means they’re not working at all. read more