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The Division Guide: How To Find The Falcon Lost Incursion

The Division just received its first major patch yesterday with the 1.This first one is known as Falcon Lost, so we thought we’d tell you just how to find it in the game. read more

Red Dead Redemption 2 map leaked and confirmed, game takes place before RDR

Last month, we reported on a rumor that said Red Dead Redemption 2 was in the works.After sharing the map with their own sources, TechRadar can confirm that a Red Dead Redemption 2 is in fact coming and the map you see above is real. read more

Nuk3town is now free to all Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 players - Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 for PS4 News

Nuk3town, the re-imagined classic map now set in 2065, is now available to all Black Ops 3 players on PS4, Xbox One and PC free of charge.The map had previously only been available to select pre-order customers. read more

Black Ops 3 DLC 2 'Eclipse' hits PS4 on April 19 - Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 for PS4 News

Activision has revealed the first details on Call of Duty's second DLC pack, Eclipse.Available first on PS4 from April 19, Eclipse includes four brand new multiplayer maps - Spire, Rift, Knockout and Verge - and an "all-new Zombies experience" set in World War 2's Pacific theatre. read more

Rumor: Red Dead Redemption 2 Will Be A Prequel; Map Also Leaked

A map for Red Dead Redemption 2 had been making its way around the internet recently, although nobody could confirm if it was real or not.This is because the map reflects what happens before the events of Red Dead Redemption, meaning that the next game is indeed a prequel. read more

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Third Map Pack 'Descent' Set to Arrive on July 12th

The third map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is set to arrive on July 12th.Following a familiar structure to previous map packs, Descent will feature four new multiplayer maps, including Cryogen, Berserk, Rumble, and Empire. read more

St. Patrick's Day Celebration Begins in Modern Warfare Remastered

Starting today, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is hosting a holiday themed celebration in honor of St.The promotion runs from today through April 3rd, where all players get access to a free map called Daybreak. read more

Battlefield 1 Night Map 'Nivelle Nights' Coming June 1st

Early June will be the first available time to play the night map, which will be available for Premium Pass owners.The image above is our first look at the map, but here’s what DICE has to say in describing the map which is lit by moonlight, fires, and laterns. read more

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Guide: Where To Turn On/Off The Map

For those that want to turn off the map for whatever the reason, you can do so rather easily.This isn’t something you can do from within the pre-race menu or anything, but rather you have to do it from during the race itself from the pause menu. read more

New BF1 Map and More Revealed for the 'Summer of Battlefield'

The biggest and best chunk of new content is definitely the new map, Prise de Tahure.“With all the new maps, weapons, and other content coming, it’s inevitable: this will be the Summer of Battlefield. read more