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MC: The compass that doesn't point north

I've designed a compass that is very unique, one that doesn't point north.Regardless of where the compass is or how you position it, the arrow will adapt and point toward that location. read more

Corsair Rapidfire mini-review: Low-profile mechanical keys, anyone?

Enter the K70 and K65 Rapidfire keyboards, which are kitted out with the all-new mechanical Cherry MX Speed switch.By contrast, my mechanical switch of choice, the Cherry MX Brown, has a much larger 2mm actuation distance and 55g actuation force. read more

The SOLOSCOPE Automatic Watch by XERIC: Time to go Solo.

Let the latest and boldest mechanical watch by XERIC remind you -- and everyone around you -- that you are making your own mark.The SOLOSCOPE Automatic is mechanical, so the motion of your wrist is all it needs for power. read more