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Miitomo Had More Than 1.6 Million Downloads In First Four Days Of Release

We told you the other day that Miitomo was sitting at #1 on both the iOS App Store and the Android Google Play store, though no specific numbers were given for them at the time, except that the Google Play store had the very vague between 1-5 million downloads.6 million downloads over its first four days, which ranged from its launch on March 31 to April 3. read more

DJ Cutman Releases Miitomo-Inspired Mii Tomo Grooves

Each of DJ Cutman’s versions of the Miitomo songs is based on one of the themes people will hear while playing the game.He used 808s, hit hop beats, and a world drum library when preparing the tracks, to keep it thematically similar to a previous mixtape, Wii U Grooves. read more

Miitomo Has About 4 Million Active Users, Estimated $280,000 In Weekly Revenue

Nintendo released their first smartphone app Miitomo late last month, and SurveyMonkey has provided an early analysis of how it’s been performing thus far.] According to SurveyMonkey, Miitomo has been downloaded 2. read more

Nintendo's new rewards service 'My Nintendo' goes live -

The service's launch follows six months after the closure of Club Nintendo, and lets users earn points to unlock a variety of rewards, including free digital games, content and discounts.There are three types of points available: Gold, Platinum and Miitomo, with different points required for different rewards. read more

Miitomo is Making Good Money Without Really Trying

After all, it's Nintendo's first venture into an important market it showed little interest in until the last possible minute.People are downloading Miitomo in steady numbers, and they seem to be using the app regularly. read more

Five Things to do in Miitomo

Now the hype for Miitomo has died down a little, your Mii might be just be standing there bored.Here are a few things to do with the app to get going again! read more

Miitomo Surpasses 10 Million Users Worldwide

In the midst of all of this there’s the ever unfolding story of Nintendo’s first major smartphone app, Miitomo.The social network, video game mashup has achieved some pretty amazing success, with Nintendo announcing this morning that it has surpassed 10 million users worldwide. read more