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Edge of Tomorrow sequel is officially a go

Despite a less than stellar debut at the box office, the sequel to Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt's Edge of Tomorrow has been given the green light, according to Deadline.The movie followed Cruise's character, a military officer, who's brought into an ongoing war against a group of aliens. read more

Review: Hitman (Xbox One)

Back in the day, the Hitman series brought a complex mix of costumes, stealth and planning to the murky world of the gun-for-hire assassin.In this review, we're going to cover the tutorial levels and the first of these locations, Paris. read more

Star Fox Zero Guide: How To Unlock Special Peppy Mission

However, there is one hidden mission that gives you control of Peppy, and we have details on just how to do so.This mission does have a prerequisite that you must meet first, which is completing the Fichina mission. read more

New Deus Ex: Mankind Divided DLC Coming February

Square Enix and Eidos Montreal have announced some details and the release date for the second Deus Ex: Mankind Divided story DLC.The new DLC will also see the return of TF29 psychiatrist Delara Auzenne. read more