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Interview: Team Allegiance's Lassiz on life as a SMITE eSport player

Drew "Lassiz" Boyd is one of the original SMITE pro players, as well as one of the first to stream the game on Twitch.I was immediately interested because I tried this one game,  Land of Chaos Online and it was a much more unrefined 3D MOBA. read more

Paragon Beginner's Guide: Leveling Up, Laning, and Card Collecting

Learn how to level up your heroes, and master laning and card collecting in this beginner's guide to Paragon.This guide will give you the overview of the most important tactical choices with tips and tricks on leveling up, laning, and collecting cards in Paragon. read more

Dial M for MOBA: Why battle arenas are replacing MMOs

Move over WoW - there's a new three letter word on the throne, and it isn't "kek".Why play "pretty close to WoW" when I could just spend my years in WoW? read more

Smite Support Guide: Khepri

As a support, you need to know the difference between peel support and front line support.Let's look at Khepri's abilities and how each one fits into the different aspects of the game. read more