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Nexus 6P vs. LG G5: Different takes on aluminum

Google and Huawei teamed up to release the most high-end Nexus device yet with the Nexus 6P.The Nexus 6P lacks any modular features, and LG has taken the modular aspect more seriously than ever with the G5. read more

Report: Apple working on 'improving' App Store search

The report comes from Bloomberg, citing anonymous sources.Those sources indicate that around 100 Apple employees are thought to be working on the project, with several having shifted across from the company's iAD team, including Apple Vice President Todd Teresi. read more

ComScore: Computer usage falls as 20% of millennials go mobile-only

According to new report from comScore, computer use is dropping off quickly as mobile devices encourage new types of interaction.The data gathered by comScore points to substantial year-over-year drops in desktop usage. read more

Intel fires the equivalent of 1.2 AMDs, restructures away from PC, mobile business

While its gross margin dipped somewhat and sales were down compared with Q4 2015, the PC market always turns in a weak first quarter.The workforce reductions are necessary, Intel said, “to accelerate its evolution from a PC company to one that powers the cloud and billions of smart, connected computing devices. read more

European Commission files antitrust charges against Google over Android

The Commission has officially issues a “Statement of Objections” that accuses Google of breaching EU antitrust regulations in the way it manages Android.The European Commission alleges that Google has used its more than 90% share in search and mobile OS to unfairly limit competition. read more

Mobile to overtake PC in $99.6bn global games market - Newzoo

Research firm Newzoo has released its quarterly update for the Global Games Market Report, revealing that mobile gaming, for the first time, is expected to take a larger share than PC gaming with $36.The entire global games market is forecast to reach $99. read more

NBA players can't stop checking their phones in the locker room at halftime

NBA players: They're just like us.They can't stop checking their phones — even, it turns out, at halftime of games in which they are playing. read more

People Are Angry About Monster Hunter Explore

While the idea of a stripped-down Monster Hunter isn't everyone's idea of a good time, that's not what has people irked about Monster Hunter Explore.The problem is, Monster Hunter Explore isn't the franchise's first pop at mobile. read more

GSN Games acquires Gamedonia

GSN Games today announced that it has acquired Gamedonia.Based in Barcelona, Gamedonia is a backend-as-a-service studio offering developers assistance for features like chat integration, cross-platform development, and turn-based multiplayer for mobile and browser-based games. read more

Koi Comes to PlayStation 4 from Mobile, and it's a Thin Fish

I was understandably curious about how Koi would be re-tooled for consoles, so I gave the PlayStation 4 release a try.In both realms you're stalked by huge black fish who charge you as soon as they snag you in their sights. read more

Nazara invests in Mastermind Sports

The latest, which is what caught the eye of Nazara CEO Manish Agarwal, is Cricbet, which allows players to stake virtual coins on various events in the match, such as the next wicket, boundary or or runs in the next over.Cricket is a hugely popular sport in India, but real money betting is illegal nationwide, so cricbet hopes to harness some of the passion for the sport and allow people the thrill of gambling without the associated dangers. read more

Gumi withdraws from Canada, Germany, Sweden

[UPDATE]: Gumi cut a lot deeper than just the Vancouver office.A representative confirmed for GamesIndustry. read more

Fallout Shelter Update 1.5 Adds More Content and New Features

Fallout Shelter's newest update adds item scrapping, wider customization options, and 3D Touch support for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus users, according to Bethesda's blog update earlier today.5 adds new customization options for vault dwellers that players can find by heading to the barbershop. read more

Mobile game revenue will exceed PC and consoles for the first time this year

On April 21, digital gaming market research firm, Newzoo, published a new market research forecast on different gaming platforms' global market shares.The report states that mobile devices will be leading gaming platform in the coming years. read more

Animal Crossing & Fire Emblem Apps Coming To Mobile From Nintendo

We got our first app last month with the new IP Miitomo, but now they have revealed two existing brands that will be getting apps in the future.We already told you about their reveal of when the NX is coming out and the delay of the new The Legend of Zelda, but in that also came a tease of two upcoming mobile apps. read more

Nintendo's Animal Crossing And Fire Emblem Mobile Games Are Both "Free-To-Start"

The next couple of mobile games that Nintendo will be releasing will be from the Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem series, and it has now been revealed that both games will utilize the free-to-play model of many other mobile games.DeNA Chief Executive Isao Moriyasu recently spoke with the Wall Street Journal about the two games, saying that both will be “free-to-start apps. read more

Nintendo Mobile Launches New Fire Emblem Heroes Character Trailer

Nintendo Mobile recently launched a new trailer introducing some of the playable characters in upcoming mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes.Titled ‘Heroes and Heroines’, the clip highlights notable characters from the original Fire Emblem game, Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright/Conquest, Fire Emblem: Awakening,  like the Peerless Samurai, Ryoma the eldest of the Hoshidan Royal family with returning voice actor Matthew Mercer. read more

Skylanders RPG Currently in Development

Partnering with Com2us, developers of Summoners War, Activision will release the Skylanders RPG on mobile devices.Details are slim about the mobile Skylanders RPG and how it will play, but Com2us has had success in the past with their previous mobile games. read more

Game of War Creators Launch Final Fantasy XV Spin Off on Mobile

The game can be downloaded right now from iTunes for free, while a release for Android devices is also expected.The partnership between Machine Zone and Square Enix was announced last year, with the founder and CEO of Machine Zone declaring “It is an honor to work on a franchise I have loved since I was a kid. read more