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Amazon Digital Sale For PS4/X1/PS3/PSV: Save Up To 83% Off

Amazon is having a digital video game sale.Amazon doesn't just sell hard copies, they also sell digital copies of games that you can download from the site and enjoy without ever leaving your house. read more

Horizon Zero Dawn Early Players Reveal Their Issues With The Game So Far

ThisGenGaming says "The reaction to Horizon Zero Dawn so far from early players has been incredible, and it sounds like it will do great scores.However, the early players also wanted to point out what issues they are having or what they would say are the negatives about the game. read more

Expert Battlefield 1 Player Claims He Was Wrongly Banned by FairFight, Asked FragHero for Help

Recently, a veteran Battlefield 1 player contacted us because he was banned from Battlefield 1 on the PC.He was accused of cheating, but promised us that he wasn’t cheating, and is just a really good player. read more