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Brain implant helps paralysed man play guitar

A man paralysed from the shoulders down has regained the ability to move his fingers thanks to a computer chip that sends signals from his brain to his muscles.After Ohio University scientists studied images of his brain they asked him to copy hand movements in videos and were able to implant the chip into his motor cortex – the area of the brain that controls movement. read more

WWE Kevin Owens Interview - WWE 2K16 for PS4 News -

WWE's Kevin Owens is one of the top Superstars in WWE.Having just starred in his first WrestleMania, Simon 'The Miller Report' Miller sat down with Kevin Owens to chat about the event, his experience in climbing ladders, changing lightbulbs and how his finishing move - the Pop-Up Powerbomb - is actually a move 'Miller' came up with. read more

Bravely Second Guide: When To Use Bravely Second And How To Get The Required SP

While Bravely Second’s title has more than one meaning, one of those meanings is a move that you can pull off in battle.However, you can’t use this move whenever you want, as it requires SP. read more

2K looking To Improve Move-Sets In WWE 2K17 And Beyond

Every year when a WWE video game come out, new wrestlers are added and this also means new move sets.Sometimes the motion capture can be a bit off for some moves so 2K is aiming to improve on this area for WWE 2K17 and future games going forward. read more