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Czechia: Czech Republic to get shorter name to improve branding ()

The Czech Republic intends to rename itself Czechia in an effort to attract more brands to use its name.The new name, pronounced 'checkia', will be an official shortening of Czech Republic, just as Germany is a shortening of the Federal Republic of Germany. read more

Pre-Order Stellaris And Have Your Name Shot Into The Atmosphere

When Paradox Development Studio launches its upcoming game called Stellaris it will come with lots of cool pre-order bonuses, but one of them definitely stands out from the rest.Along with cosmetic DLC, ringtones and a forum avatar, you can also have your name launched into the Earth’s atmosphere. read more

Xbox neXt is an old internal name relating to Xbox One, says Microsoft -

UPDATE: Xbox neXt is not the name – or codename – for a future Xbox console, but in fact an old internal team name associated with Xbox One, Microsoft has told IGN.ORIGINAL STORY: A visual designer at Xbox appears to be working on a new Xbox console, after a listing for the "Xbox neXt" was discovered on his profile. read more

Bravely Second: End Layer

The name 'Bravely Second' was trademarked as early as September 2013.The title takes its name from a gameplay mechanic within the sequel, similar to the way Bravely Default took it's name from the in-game mechanics of braving and defaulting. read more

Battlefield 1: In The Name of Tsar Gets Full Reveal at EA Play '17

Today at EA’s Play Event DICE revealed a little bit more about the upcoming In the Name of the Tsar DLC for Battlefield 1.Alongside the confirmation of night maps coming in June, they also revealed that six new maps would be heading to the Eastern front of WWI in the expansion. read more