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Recreate the dumbest nickname proposal in sports history with NBA 2K16

This week, ESPN revealed the jaw-dropping story behind a sports nickname so stupid its own team cast the lone dissenting vote against its approval: The New Jersey Swamp Dragons, today known as the Brooklyn Nets, who were looking for an extreme makeover in the 1990s.Xbox One user "Da Infamous NY" painstakingly recreated the Swamp Dragons' proposed uniforms from the images included in ESPN's story, and has made them available here. read more

Kobe Bryant Announced As NBA 2K17 Cover Star

2K Sports has announced that Kobe Bryant will be added as one of the cover stars in NBA 2K17.The timing was done on purpose because today is the last time that Kobe Bryant will be playing in the NBA. read more

Inside the truck: How ESPN handled Kobe Bryant's epic final game

Had the record not been at stake that night, Bryant and the Lakers would have aired as originally planned on ESPN.The Kobe game would prove to be a bonanza for ESPN2, with Wednesday night becoming the channel's most-viewed regular season NBA game ever. read more

NBA 2K17 Legend Edition features Kobe Bryant - NBA 2K17 for PS4 News

NBA 2K17 will celebrate the career of the Los Angeles Lakers' Kobe Bryant by featuring the 18-time NBA All-Star on the cover of the NBA 2K17 Legend Edition, 2K has announced.The special edition of the new NBA video game will highlight Bryant’s career with special Kobe-themed memorabilia and digital content. read more

NBA players can't stop checking their phones in the locker room at halftime

NBA players: They're just like us.They can't stop checking their phones — even, it turns out, at halftime of games in which they are playing. read more

Rocket League Hoops launches for free on April 26 - Rocket League for PS4 News

In the new Dunk House arena the net itself can be used as a ramp for the ball and Aerials.While Psyonix is kindly gifting the new mode for free, it'll be hoping to cash in on the accompanying NBA Flag Pack for $1. read more