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Blog: The Spirit of Working Designs Lives on Through Summon Night 5

The publisher's latest release, Summon Night 5, debuted at the end of 2015.Bringing out a PSP game while retailers are beginning to phase out that system's successors: That's 100% classic Working Designs. read more

Hearthstone's One Night In Karazhan Expansion Out Next Month

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to get back into Hearthstone then you won’t need to look much longer, as next month the game will be getting a new expansion called One Night In Karazhan.The expansion is set to launch on August 11th, featuring four wings including 45 new cards. read more

Cinematic Platformer 'The Last Night' Gets New Trailer

The story is set in a futuristic city with a dark and melancholic atmosphere; a mix of science fiction and noir film that immediately reminds you of 80s movie classic Blade Runner.Developer Odd Tales has been working on this project since brothers Tim Soret and Adrien Soret won the #cyberpunkjam with a prototype of the adventure created in only six days. read more

Battlefield 1 Night Map 'Nivelle Nights' Coming June 1st

Early June will be the first available time to play the night map, which will be available for Premium Pass owners.The image above is our first look at the map, but here’s what DICE has to say in describing the map which is lit by moonlight, fires, and laterns. read more