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Nvidia's Pascal flagship looks to be using GDDR5X memory

Computex is on the horizon, and with it comes the reveal (and supposed launch) of two brand new graphics cards in Nvidia’s line-up.Instead of GDDR5, Nvidia is looking at GDDR5X, a faster variant of the memory that is only now going into mass production. read more

Intel’s next-generation Xeon Phi, Knights Landing, now shipping to developers

It’s been almost three years since Intel first detailed its upcoming Xeon Phi hardware, codenamed Knights Landing, and the company is now shipping silicon to developers who can pony up the cash.There are two Knights Landing-based Xeon Phi systems available. read more

Rumor: Nvidia may have killed Maxwell production ahead of June Pascal launch

This would put AMD and Nvidia on similar time frames (AMD has yet to reveal its launch dates, but we expect cards in June or July).First, Pascal supports improved compute preemption compared with Maxwell. read more

Upcoming Nvidia GTX 1080 pictured, may not use HBM2

It’s no secret that AMD and Nvidia are planning to launch new GPUs in the next few months, but there are still questions about configurations and technology.Initially, we expected these new cards to use the HBM2 memory standard, but the persistent rumor has been that AMD’s upcoming Polaris would be GDDR5 based. read more