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Sales of PS4 Camera & Move controller skyrocket after PS VR announcement -

Sony announced a £349 price for PlayStation VR last night, though this price doesn't include the required PlayStation Camera or any optional Move controllers – PS4's DualShock is good enough for a VR experience.On Amazon, sales of the PlayStation Camera are up 975 per cent, seeing its sales rank jump from No. read more

Amazon has sold out of PS VR launch stock -

45am cut-off for day one delivery, but confirming it can no longer guarantee launch day delivery.We do not currently have a release date for this product. read more

WIRED Awake: 10 must-read articles for 20 April

By comparison, US agencies made 4,000 requests, Germany made 11,989 requests (52% upheld) and the Netherlands made 39 requests (41% upheld).Although the UK's percentage of granted requests is a little higher than the EMEA average of 52%, it's below the global average of almost 60%. read more

IFs... a new album from 'UNA

My name is Barbara Saeva Diana, I am a singer and a songwriter with a varied background that includes classical music, opera, music theatre, folk music and poetry.The name of the project, 'UNA, which in different languages means 'one' but also 'together', aims to reflect this integration of individualities. read more