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People More Aware Of PlayStation VR Over Oculus Rift And HTC Vive

A recent survey conducted by Superdata suggests that people in North America are more aware about the PlayStation VR over the likes of HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.For those that are aware of VR devices, the PlayStation VR came out on top as 28 percent of those surveyed have heard of it. read more

Ubisoft wins big at retail in March thanks to The Division and Far Cry Primal

The NPD sales figures are out once more, and yes, the PlayStation 4 is still the top-selling console in the US.2 million in March 2016, from $311. read more

Japan's 'most handsome' Pokémon is a questionable choice

Five hundred Japanese Pokémon fans recently took a survey on who they considered to be the most handsome monster out of all 722.The results, posted by Otakomu (and translated by Anime News Network), find a certain legendary in the number one spot. read more

Square Enix Forecasting Final Fantasy 15 To Bring In Big Revenue For The Company

It’s no doubt that Square Enix has made a huge investment on Final Fantasy 15 after working on the game for so many years.The company is predicting that the game will do very well when it comes out. read more