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Gaming: SteamVR Performance Test: Radeon graphi... | Community

Today Valve released the SteamVR Performance Test, one of the first available virtual reality tools to help consumers identify graphics cards ready to power premium virtual reality experiences on the HTC Vive headset.Nonetheless, the test can be run on any PC and does not require a VR headset. read more

Dark Souls III Patch v1.03 Significantly Improves Performance

If you're playing Dark Souls III on PC your game will have auto-updated to patch 1.03 automatically, but console players might have opted to not install it to jump into the game right away. read more

Xbox Scorpio Will Deliver Native 4K Gaming at 60 FPS With Performance to Spare

Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio was revealed today in a technology breakdown by Eurogamer, in which it was confirmed that the console will in fact be able to handle 4K gaming at 60 FPS with performance to spare.Described as a custom GPU that runs at an “unprecedented clock speed,” the Xbox Scorpio’s GPU is coupled with 12GB of GDDR5 RAM and eight core CPU, per the article. read more