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LG G5 review: An interesting idea, shoddily executed

On paper, the LG G5 seems like a great device.And when you take a closer look, the LG G5 starts to disappoint. read more

'Textalyzers' uld be used to catch distracted drivers

Under the planned law drivers involved in accidents would have their phones tested by police using a "textalyzer", Murphy explained.Failure or refusal to hand over a device would result in the "revocation of the driver's license or permit. read more

HTC 10 brings new design, UltraPixel 2 and BoomSound Hi-Fi Edition

The HTC 10 is available to pre-order now at £569 direct from HTC.The HTC 10 mimics the One A9 with a home button with a built-in fingerprint scanner below the screen. read more

Apple shrinks iPhone 6S into 4-inch form factor iPhone SE -

Essentially, Apple appears to have taken the guts of the iPhone 6S and placed them inside its classic compact aluminium design of the 5S, updated with matte-chamfered edges, a colour-matched stainless steel Apple logo, and four metallic finishes.The phone features a 4-inch screen with 1136x640 pixel resolution at 326 ppi. read more

FBI paid at least $1.3M for zero-day to get into San Bernardino iPhone

3 million to gray-hat hackers who were able to unlock the iPhone 5C that was used by Syed Farook Rizwan, the dead terrorist who masterminded the attack in San Bernardino, California, in December 2015.According to Reuters, Comey was asked Thursday how much the FBI paid for the technique that eventually allowed investigators to access the locked phone. read more

Playing Splatoon 2 Online Through Tethered Connection Only Uses About 150 MB Per Hour

The best feature of the Nintendo Switch is that you can take the system out of the dock and play it anywhere, complete with Wi-Fi connections to play on the go.During the Global Testfire for Splatoon 2, VentureBeat fired up the game and played a full hour straight of online matches while tethered to their mobile phone. read more