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Turtle Tale Review (3DS) - A tale of blandness

The game release on May 22nd, 2014, and is exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS.The story to Turtle Tale is about as basic as it gets. read more

SpeedRunners sets the pace and raises the bar

Fast paced multiplayer and community interaction make SpeedRunners an early hit for 2016.Choose a character and race around the map while dodging traps and collecting powerups. read more

Cinematic Platformer 'The Last Night' Gets New Trailer

The story is set in a futuristic city with a dark and melancholic atmosphere; a mix of science fiction and noir film that immediately reminds you of 80s movie classic Blade Runner.Developer Odd Tales has been working on this project since brothers Tim Soret and Adrien Soret won the #cyberpunkjam with a prototype of the adventure created in only six days. read more