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EA Shows Off More Madden 17 Gameplay With New E3 Trailer

You can’t have an EA press conference without talking about Madden, and this year was no different as they showed off some new gameplay for Madden 17.The game definitely looks impressive on the visual side of things, and you can check out the new trailer at the bottom of this post. read more

WWE 2K16 Will Be Free To Play Next Week For Xbox Gamers

Microsoft has announced that it is allowing Xbox Live Gold members to play WWE 2K16 for free next week.To help promote the Money in the Bank event on the WWE Network and E3 2016, Microsoft is allowing Xbox Live Gold members to play WWE 2K16 for free starting June 16th until June 19th. read more

Xbox Co-Creator Hoping Sony Agrees To Allow PlayStation 4 And Xbox One Cross-Platform Play

While the console wars between Sony and Microsoft with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is as alive as ever, there was an interesting proposition that popped up earlier this year from Microsoft that could potentially have them collaborating together.The idea was that both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network would connect to allow gamers from both consoles to play with each other, though Sony has been very hesitant when it comes to their stance on the feature. read more

Why Even Own an Xbox? - AOTF Podcast #39

Slightly late this week, Will and I sat down for the AOTF Podcast #39.We now have a console that will be almost totally devoid of exclusives, with the Xbox Play Anywhere initiative becoming the law of the land. read more

Sony Reveals How Much Space You'll Need To Use PlayStation VR

We’re getting closer and closer to Sony’s dive into the world of virtual reality with PlayStation VR, and now they have released some information regarding what kind of space setup you’ll need in order to actually utilize the device.As there are individual difference in viewing 3D graphics and feeling of wearing VR headset, please try PS VR at shops or trial events before purchase. read more

Free to Play Game Deus Ex: Breach Releases on Steam

You know that little arcade mode that Deus Ex: Mankind Divided included in game?Apparently Breach mode is now free to play on Steam under the name Deus Ex: Breach. read more

Overwatch Blog Spotlight Focuses on Next Possible Hero

In a blog post we got some details on new Overwatch character we have not heard of yet.No, it is not Doomfist, but it is Efi Oladele, an eleven year old robotics expert in Numbani. read more

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is a Play Anywhere Title on Xbox One, Scorpio, and PC

The surprise announcement of Middle-Earth: Shadow of War this morning wasn’t much of a surprise thanks to a leak over the weekend that blew the whole thing.Microsoft explained, “As an Xbox Play Anywhere title, if you purchase a digital version of Middle-earth: Shadow of War on either the Xbox Store or Windows Store, you will automatically have access to the game on both Xbox One and Windows 10 at launch – and for Project Scorpio at its launch this holiday season – at no additional cost. read more

Overwatch Adding Option To Save Play Of The Game Highlights This Summer

The Play of the Game feature is one that many people have mixed opinions of, mostly due to the way the game decides to give the prestigious bragging rights to.Whether your latest particular Play of the Game was anything special or not, soon you will have the ability to save it and be reminded of your great (or average) play forever. read more

Overwatch's Orisa Is Now Available In Competitive Play

Last week saw the new hero Orisa added to Overwatch’s roster, bringing a new way for fans to play the game.However, today she has officially been added to Competitive Play. read more

Marvel Heroes Coming To PS4, Xbox One This Spring

Now the game is coming to consoles.“It’s got one of the largest rosters of playable Heroes that pulls from all corners of the Marvel Universe. read more

Gears Of War 4 Crossplay Coming To Ranked Play This Year

Gears of War 4 already had crossplay support for versus social quickplay, but things will be turned up a notch for the game this year.The Coalition has announced that the popular feature will be coming to the game’s ranked play later this year, in an effort to try and improve the overall player base. read more

EA Play 2017 — Roundup

Today EA Play 2017, EA’s annual event for E3, took place in Los Angeles.Patrick Soderlund used Madden NFL 18 as an example to highlight how everything will look sharper and more realistic. read more

Sony and PlayStation The Final Roadblock in Full Cross Platform Multiplayer

When Microsoft announced earlier this week that they would be bringing cross platform play to one of the world’s most popular games in Minecraft, everybody cheered.Everybody, except PlayStation 4 owners who’ve seemingly been left out of the cross platform, cross play party in games like Minecraft and Rocket League. read more