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The claw is gonna get ya! (if the explosions don't!)

The last couple of days have kept me busy creating a "physics powered" grab arm for picking up the crates.When the player gets the crates to the exit, the claw comes to get it. read more

Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day!

(commonly referred to as just Brain Age), which is known as Dr.Many studies have been done on the effectiveness of Brain Age, with conflicting results. read more

Dont Starve Together Twitter Chat Functions

The below are commands that can be used in twitter chat for enabled players.You can see the currently available commands at the top of the screen, there should be 6 options, with! read more

DOOM’s character customisation is only skin deep

One of those is player progression that keeps your player XP ticking – unlocking an assortment of customisation options to play with.Just don’t expect the ability to make your own mark with custom designs. read more

Miyazaki doesn't believe player who says he finished Dark Souls without taking a hit - Dark Souls for Xbox 360 News

He also claimed that the feat was a "world record".But speaking to Wired about the alleged feat, Miyazaki said: "I don't believe the player who says he completed the original Dark Souls without taking a hit -- it would be amazing but I think it's just an elaborate rumour! read more

Man O’ War: Corsair

Man O' War: Corsair is an action-adventure game set on the oceans of the Warhammer's Old World.The player takes the role of a captain of a trade ship, and proceeds to seek fame and fortune by fighting off incursions from Orc raiders, turning pirate and sinking the ships of the Empire, completing quests or simply through profitable trade runs. read more

DOOM will have an unlocked framerate on PC at launch

Some don’t think it’s traditional DOOM, while others love the modernization on classic arena gameplay.One thing everyone (on PC at least) can agree on is that the game’s framerate cap isn’t acceptable. read more

Titanfall 2 Includes Offline Single Player; Trailer Reveals Release Date

EA has released a new trailer for Titanfall 2 taking a looking at the single player campaign that will be included in the game.The new trailer also reveals the official release date. read more

Titanfall 2 Single Player Campaign is 'Not a Training Module for Multiplayer'

While the game is looking great, and the original title sold millions of copies, it quickly lost its audience.Many attribute this to the lack of a single player campaign, leaving players disconnected from the new universe that they had been thrust in. read more

Yooka-Laylee Day One Patch Will Address Camera & Performance Issues

As you can see in our review that went live earlier this week, we quite enjoyed Yooka-Laylee, though it wasn’t without its faults.Thankfully, Playtonic Games has revealed that the game will have a day one patch that is supposed to address some of these issues. read more

Cloud Player 2 & Twilight Princess Link Amiibo Are GameStop Exclusives, Pre-Orders Now Live

It was also said some would be retailer exclusives and two of them have been revealed as exclusive to GameStop, which are both now available for pre-order.It was then announced today that GameStop would be getting the Cloud Player 2 amiibo, which is based on his Advent Children look. read more

Skyward Sword Link & Corrin Player 2 Amiibo Listings Are Up On Amazon, No Pre-Orders Yet

characters would not only be getting their regular amiibo, but also Player 2 variants.On top of that, we also got three new Legend of Zelda 30th anniversary amiibo, with those and the Player 2 versions being retailer exclusives. read more

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Dev Assures Gamers 'we will have Dedicated Servers'

This can be especially bad when there are a lot of players, as the P2P connection will give one player host advantage and cause other sorts of issues.So, with Star Wars Battlefront 2 being a large and competitive game it’s good to hear from one of the developers that it will use dedicated servers. read more

Majora's Mask and Bayonetta Player 2 Amiibo Pre-Orders Available Now

Two more are now known though, with Best Buy announcing that they are the exclusive retailer for the Link – Majora’s Mask and Bayonetta Player 2 amiibo, and launching pre-orders today.Pre-orders for the Link – Majora’s Mask and Bayonetta Player 2 amiibo are available now, and if you are a collector then you’ll want to get them quickly. read more