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Poker Pro Sentenced In New York High Stakes Game Case

The state of New York has seen some infamous people come through, but perhaps none were as big in the poker game as Edwin Ting.The poker pro was saddled with the task of bringing together some of the largest poker gamblers in the world. read more

Supreme Court To Decide On Poker Legality Case Friday

That question has been asked in court rooms all across the US, but as of yet the US Supreme Court has not weighed in on the subject.On Friday, poker enthusiasts and opponents alike will get their answer as to whether the Supreme Court will hear a case that is being appealed in the state of New York. read more

Prominence Poker's RPG Elements Add New Life to Texas Hold 'Em

With Prominence Poker, though, Pipeworks Studio is shooting to go beyond your standard card game presentation with an MMO world and RPG mechanics built around a fairly simple game.Of course, there's more to Prominence than just an interesting look. read more