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Trine Dev's Shadwen Launches Next Month, Final Price Revealed

We previously reported that Trine developer Frozenbyte had out put a demo for a new game that reduced the full game’s price the more you played it, but now the developer has revealed that the game called Shadwen will launch next month.There is also a time-rewind mechanic included, so it will be possible to correct your mistakes to an extent. read more

Why PlayStation VR's Price Is Not 'Good' - PlayStation VR Worlds for PS4 News -

The PlayStation VR's price has been revealed at £350 or $400.While this is more than fair for a virtual reality device - the tech needed to make those things run is ridiculous - it's definitely not a 'good' price. read more

The rise of the $400 smartphone—you want how much for a flagship?

There's an exciting new category of phone on the block—the "cheap flagship," a phone that has flagship or very-close-to-flagship specs but only costs around $400.One of the earliest examples of a high-profile cheap flagship was Google's Nexus line. read more

Nintendo 2DS Price Dropped To $79

The more kid-friendly version of Nintendo’s latest portable console, called the 2DS, has just received a decent price drop that is permanent.The “entry point to the Nintendo 2DS and Nintendo 3DS games and franchises” has dropped its price from $99 to $79, which will go into effect on May 20th. read more

PlayStation Plus Subscription Price Increasing In September

The price increase will happen for the service in the US and Canada, with Sony making the announcement in an update post for their free PlayStation Plus games of August 2016.Here’s the official word from Sony: “Starting on September 22, 2016, prices for PlayStation Plus memberships will change to $59. read more