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Final Fantasy 11 Online has been shut down on PS2 & Xbox 360 - Final Fantasy XI for PS2 News

After 15 years of operation the PS2 version of Final Fantasy 11 Online has been closed, alongside the more recent Xbox 360 game.The PS2 game launched in Japan way back in 2002 under Square, before the company merged with Enix in 2003. read more

Bully and Manhunt are now on PS4 - Canis Canem Edit for PS2 News

The two games are the latest to join the PS2 Classics range, and feature higher resolution 1080p visuals, Trophy support and Remote Play.The game was later released on Xbox 360, Wii and PC as Bully: Scholarship Edition. read more

Max Payne is the next PS2 Classic coming to PS4 - Max Payne for PS2 News

The PS2 version of the original Max Payne appears to be coming to PS4 this Friday, April 22, judging by an update on PlayStation Blog.The post simply lists 'Max Payne' for release on the PS4 PlayStation Store this Friday, but doesn't include any further details. read more

Throwback Thursday: NFL Street

Midway decided not to make a NFL Blitz game in 2004 after 2003’s NFL Blitz Pro, leaving NFL Street with a rare opportunity to be the biggest the alternative football game available.Every Throwback Thursday post highlights how important gameplay is in these classic titles, but it is your humble author’s true belief that NFL Street's gameplay was perfect. read more