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A Backpack - Beautiful Design, affordable Price

We put our effort in creating a bag that looks beautiful but is simple in the same time.The simple and clean design also makes the Ninokinota backpack a bag, that you can easily combine with different outfits - it also will look good and stylish. read more

The Eastwood 'LP1' Vinyl Storage Cabinet

I have always noticed the need for a good quality piece of furniture that can easily store all your favourite vinyl in style.I have literally spent years developing a well-priced alternative to cheaply made ugly units, with high quality locally sourced products and resources. read more

Homefront: The Revolution's quality will 'surprise many people', says Deep Silver boss - Homefront: The Revolution for PS4 News

We had some challenges along the way, but we are determined to establish Homefront as a well-recognised IP in the shooter genre.The game is then believed to have changed direction, altering its approach from a linear campaign shooter to an open-world title. read more

Tom Clancy's The Division Guide: Blueprints and Crafting Explained -

The one you'll be using most is in your Base of Operations, but there are some crafting stations in the Dark Zone too.Destroying a standard item will give you standard crafting materials, and so on. read more

Talk shit, get hit

I liked BvS and I don't think the tomatoscore is always a fair representation of a film's quality, but I love it when people's arrogance blows up in their face.Well I guess he wasn't being totally arrogant, but he sure seemed confident his film was gonna be so much better. read more