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Rambo The Video Game Getting Free DLC Tomorrow On PS3 And PC

This is definitely news that nobody saw coming or even ever wanted to see, but it has just been revealed that the critically-panned Rambo: The Video Game will be getting new DLC tomorrow on PlayStation 3 and PC.It is called the Baker Team and includes 3 new missions that are set during the Vietnam War, while also packing in a brand new difficulty called John Rambo. read more

One of 2014’s worst games is getting surprise DLC...for free!

Absolutely, shockingly terrible; an affront to action games, a slap in the face to fans of the homicidal red-banded soldier and a critical and commercial failure.Meristation: Rambo: The Videogame is one of the worst games that we’ve ever played. read more

Baker Team DLC Coming to Rambo: The Video Game Tomorrow

Available for PlayStation 3 and PC versions of the game, the Baker Team DLC adds three new missions to the on-rails arcade shooter, as Rambo leads Baker Team on a covert mission deep in Viet Cong territory.Players will also be able to upgrade Rambo to level 25 and try their hands at a new “John Rambo” difficult setting, which rewards a 1. read more

Rambo: The Video Game is getting a major new DLC pack tomorrow. Really. - Rambo: The Video Game for Xbox 360 News

The free 'Baker Team' pack introduces three brand new missions set during the Vietnam War that sends Rambo "on a covert mission deep into Viet Cong territory", plus a brand new difficulty setting called John Rambo.5 new weapons are thrown in too, including the MP44, SPAS12, XM79, PPSH41 and CAR15, along with 5 new perks, 8 new trophies/achivements, and the ability to unlock all skill points to rank Rambo up to level 25. read more