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10 Classic Games That Deserve Modern Makeovers

But there are plenty of other games that deserve to shine again, and we’ve compiled a list of some of the most deserving ones.There are countless games we’d love to see return to the spotlight, but we’ve tried to keep this list fairly realistic. read more

The Modern Day Reboot: What we can learn from Bethesda's successes

With this in mind, what has made Bethesda's recent reboots such a resounding success?However, that's not to say there has never been a bad Fallout game, just look at Brotherhood of Steel on PS2. read more

First Official Tomb Raider Movie Reboot Pictures Released

The Tomb Raider franchise has definitely gone through some major changes over the years.Starting off more puzzle based, the series got a very well received reboot in 2013 that also received a critically acclaimed sequel. read more