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Stories: The Path of Destinies Released on PC and PS4

It's currently 10% off, however, bringing the price down to a very slightly more affordable $13.89. read more

Tom Clancy's The Division "Incursions" Update Released

Just as promised, Ubisoft Massive has released their v1.1 "Incursions" update for Tom Clancy's The Division, ushering in a new high-level mission, an assortment of new loot, increased loot drops, crafting changes, and more. read more

The most amazing Super Mario World hack ever -

If you thought coding games was difficult, then how about doing that from within SNES classic Super Mario World?That's exactly what SethBling, p4plus2 and MrCheeze did to implement a version of Flappy Bird. read more

Fallout Shelter Update 1.5 Released

A new update has been released for Fallout Shelter, Bethesda's mobile spin-off to the post-apocalyptic RPG IP.The update includes the ability to turn objects into junk, new customization options, and a new 3D touch functionality for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. read more

Dark Souls III Patch v1.03.1 Released

A new "regulation update" for Dark Souls III (a patch by any other name) has released today on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox 360.Much like the game's own lore, the Steam notes are fairly cryptic, though it doesn't seem to include much other than a couple of minor bug fixes and some balance tweaks: read more

The Technomancer Release Date Announced, Gameplay Trailer

The folks at publisher Focus Home Interactive have announced the release date of The Technomancer, Spiders' sort-of-sequel to Mars: War Logs.The game will be released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 21st. read more

Fallout 4 Beta Patch v1.5 Released on PC

The beta version of patch v1.5 for Fallout 4, Bethesda's latest open-world action-RPG, has been released on Steam. read more