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Final Fantasy VII Remake will have nostalgia and "surprises"

But only now, has the behind that resurrection found the right time to devote themselves 100% to the project, says Final Fantasy VII Remake producer Yoshinori Kitase.Thing is, the Final Fantasy VII franchise has been far from dead since that game was released back in 1997. read more

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Producer Talks Removing Turn-Based Combat And More

The producer for Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Yoshinori Kitase, revealed in a new interview several bits of information about the game.The game is one of the most important projects that Square Enix has ever produced. read more

Final Fantasy VII Remake May Include Spin-Off Characters and Settings

Square Enix is undertaking one of its most requested projects with the upcoming remake of Final Fantasy VII.In an interview with GameInformer, Final Fantasy VII Remake producer Yoshinori Kitase explained that the team is hoping to incorporate characters and settings from spinoff projects. read more

Resident Evil 2 Remake 'progressing'; Resi 6 feedback being 'taken on board', says producer - Resident Evil 2 Remake for PS4 News

The producer of the upcoming Resident Evil 2 remake has told VideoGamer.It isn't yet known whether the Resident Evil 2 Remake will feature the fixed camera angles of the original game, or the third-person view adopted by the later Resident Evil 4, 5 and 6. read more

10 Classic Games That Deserve Modern Makeovers

But there are plenty of other games that deserve to shine again, and we’ve compiled a list of some of the most deserving ones.There are countless games we’d love to see return to the spotlight, but we’ve tried to keep this list fairly realistic. read more