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Researchers help shut down spam botnet that enslaved 4,000 Linux machines

A botnet that enslaved about 4,000 Linux computers and caused them to blast the Internet with spam for more than a year has finally been shut down.In February of this year, the group took control of the Internet address belonging to the command server, making it possible for researchers to "sinkhole" the botnet. read more

URL shorteners expose your documents and driving routes

ly generated short URLs and found that randomly generating the addresses allowed them to access the content behind's backend – short URLs and were able to access millions of driving routes and hundreds of thousands of private documents. read more

Your brain’s reaction to celeb pics may create the most secure form of ID

While your brain on drugs may be analogous to a fried egg, your brain on Instagram may be like a super-secure form of identification, researchers report in a new study.Others have tried to use brain activity for biometrics before, Laszlo said. read more