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TimeSplitters 2's first two levels are playable in Homefront: The Revolution - Homefront: The Revolution for PS4 News

Homefront: The Revolution comes with a bonus Easter Egg for fans of classic 00s shooter series TimeSplitters: an arcade cabinet featuring the first two levels of TimeSplitters 2.The arcade machine can be found in a makeshift prison within the game, and features TimeSplitters 2's 'Siberia' and 'Chicago' levels fully playable on PS4, Xbox One and PC. read more

Homefront: The Revolution Preview for PS4 (30 Mar '16) -

Instead, Homefront: The Revolution, in terms of its mechanics and systems (if not its setting) is as close to being a Far Cry game as it is possible without actually being one.If it was called Far Cry: The Revolution, no-one would question it all that much as it went on its way to selling, oh, five or so billion units. read more

Homefront: The Revolution Merits program rewards community members - Homefront: The Revolution for PS4 News

Homefront: The Revolution community members can now take part in the game's Merits reward scheme, unlocking exclusive content in-game, Deep Silver has announced.All registered members of the Homefront website can earn Merits by logging in and completing simple actions, in turn unlocking a corresponding piece of Combat Gear from the Red Rebel set – available for character customisation in Resistance Mode. read more