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Sen. Al Franken raises concerns over Oculus Rift privacy policy

Senator Al Franken of Minnesota issued an open letter to Oculus yesterday, questioning the company on how and why it collects data from users of its Rift headset.This refers to the privacy policy included on the Oculus website, which details the various types of data collected by Rift users and the channels that have access to this information — such as third party sources. read more

Hardware Review: Oculus Rift

Below, find quotes from professional reviews of the Oculus Rift hardware itself.Many of the best experiences I’ve had in the Oculus ecosystem either aren’t in the Oculus Store yet, or won’t be available until the company’s Oculus Touch handheld controllers arrive later this year. read more

Hardware Review: HTC Vive

As with the Rift, you'll need a high-powered Windows PC to run the HTC Vive, and the minimum system requirements are similar to those for the Oculus headset.But you trade convenience and compactness for a stellar room-scale VR experience, if you have the room for it. read more

Oculus Rift delays just got (two months) worse

Like the fact that many, many customers who pre-ordered their own headset have yet to lay hands on it, and probably won’t for a few months.Citing growing production issues, Oculus has started issuing lengthy delays to customers, and people aren’t happy. read more

Oculus Rift Shipping Update is Out; Many Orders Delayed into May or Later

The Oculus Rift launch problems continued today with the promised shipping update being released to customers.Each update is individualized, simply pointing preorder customers to the order page for a full update on their delayed shipping estimate. read more

Minnesota senator raises privacy concerns about Oculus users

As the Rift can record the users' views, movement, and actions, it would very easy to gather data from users -- even without their knowledge.In Franken's letter to the state, he said: Senator Al Franken is a consumer advocate. read more

Oculus Rift Games Come to HTC Vive With Plug-In

Though Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are separate platforms with separate software libraries, it seems one intrepid enthusiast has created a patch that brings Oculus games over to the latter platform.ArsTechnica tried it out with Lucky's Tale, the exclusive pack-in game that comes with every Oculus Rift, and can confirm the plug-in works. read more

Oculus Rift pre-order customers given free shipping to apologise for delay -

An "unexpected component shortage" has led to delays in the original shipping estimates for some early Oculus Rift customers, Oculus VR has by Tuesday, April 12. read more

Oculus Rift launch lineup includes 30 VR games -

Oculus Rift will launch on March 28 supported by 30 virtual reality games, Oculus has announced.This incredible lineup represents years of work from a global community of developers who are pioneering the future of VR," reads the Oculus blog. read more

Rift 3.6: Carnival of the Ascended is out

A new expansion pack, and Rift 3.Each year, Rift releases their "Carnival of the Ascended" -- this year coinciding with the release of Rift 3. read more

Guide: The 2016 Rift Carnival Minion Quest

Game Skinny has you covered.In order to start the quest, you need to buy the Minion Card Zephyr with credits. read more

Facebook: Oculus Rift Sales Are Small At The Moment But Has Potential To Grow

Key members of Facebook have admitted that sales and shipments for the Oculus Rift device are really small at the moment.They feel that the device still has a lot of potential to grow in the future though. read more

HTC Vive has Overtaken Oculus Rift According to Steam

The Oculus Rift has seemed to be synonymous with VR ever since the beginning of the current gaming revolution.5% have an Oculus Rift CV1, and another 13. read more

Minecraft VR Support Coming in the Next Few Weeks

With Minecraft’s sale to Microsoft though it seemed like those barriers had been torn down, and today we got our first real look at what’s to come for Minecraft VR.In an announcement touting the one year anniversary of the release of Minecraft on Windows 10, Mojang states that Oculus Rift VR support would be coming very soon. read more

Minecraft VR Finally Coming To Oculus Rift Next Week

It’s been something that gamers have been waiting ages to try out, but we now know that the VR version of Minecraft will be launching on Oculus Rift next week.The news was revealed by Tommaso Checchi, who is the lead designer for Minecraft’s Windows 10 and smartphone versions. read more

Oculus Rift Creator Palmer Luckey Leaves the Company

Recently Luckey has been the source of controversy, with his actions during the 2016 US Presidential election drawing quite a bit of criticism from the gaming community.Whether this was a part of his departure from Oculus and Facebook is unknown at this time. read more