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Rock Band PC looks set to fail crowd-funding campaign - Rock Band 4 for PS4 News -

With under 11 hours to go and almost $750,000 of its $1.5 million target still to find, it looks almost certain that Rock Band 4's PC crowd-funding campaign will end in failure. read more

Rock Band 4 crowd-funding adds $2,500 backer tier including all available songs -

The struggling Fig crowd-funding campaign for Rock Band 4 on PC has launched a new $2,500 backer tier which includes every Rock Band Store song available when the game releases - that's over 2,000 songs, says Harmonix."The exact song count may vary, but we should have over 2,000 songs available, all of them included in our 'Collector' tier for $2,500. read more

There isn't a big enough audience for Rock Band on PC right now, says Harmonix - Rock Band 4 for PS4 News -

There simply isn't a viable audience to bring Rock Band 4 and the Rock Band Network to PC at this time, Harmonix has concluded after failing to secure funding for the game on fig.To be clear, we raised nearly $800,000 via backers and investors; it's an impressive showing of support from our community and for our brand. read more