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Dark Souls board game planned, kill your friends with a roll of the dice

Snake eyes never hurt so much Western gamers are just days away from the highly anticipated Dark Souls III making its way to consoles and PC.After receiving permission from publisher Bandai Namco, Steamforged is looking to bring Dark Souls to the wonderful world of board games. read more

Definitely not a review but kind of actually a review of Stephen's Sausage Roll -

Honestly, I don't think I've ever been as frustrated with a game as I am with Stephen's Sausage Roll.This is a game with the word 'sausage' in the title. read more

Star Fox Zero Guide: How To Unlock Special Peppy Mission

However, there is one hidden mission that gives you control of Peppy, and we have details on just how to do so.This mission does have a prerequisite that you must meet first, which is completing the Fichina mission. read more