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Tales Of Link Brings The Cast Of The Tales Series To iOS & Android

Bandai Namco new free-to-play RPG acts as a "who's who" of the Tales series, and is available now on iOS and Android.Something called the "Seed of Ruin" inevitably breaks the seal, and now heaven and Earth are in jeopardy. read more

Dropping SQLite for JSON serialization

After a long time of thinking about this, I finally decided to drop SQLite as the main database for my Action RPG engine.After a couple years of work on this project, I realized I couldn't work anymore with databases unless I had a good ORM to back it up. read more

Movie Tie-In Games Sure Are Getting Fancy

We don’t get movie tie-in games on PC and console much these days.When a movie game does come to more traditional platforms, it has to stand out. read more

Code of Princess, PC Port Releases April 14 on Steam

Makes sense, given that some of the lead developers for Guardian Heroes served as consultants on Code of Princess.A new character with new items, abilities, and levels to gain is an unsurprisingly effective tool in reinforcing the replayability of the game. read more

CD Projekt RED reveals awesome Blood and Wine box art

Feast your eyes, fellow Witchers: Between the creature perched on the throne and Geralt nonchalantly sipping wine -- or blood -- this might be (in my opinion) the coolest Witcher 3 box art released yet.A nearly identical image that leaked previously on NeoGAF appears to confirm that Blood and Wine will be getting a "physical" edition as well, shipping with a download code and two Gwent decks. read more

Nicalis Is Bringing Retro-Infused Sidescrolling RPG Creepy Castle To PC, Mac & Linux

Publisher Nicalis, best known for its gruelingly difficult 2D platformers 1001 Spikes and Cave Story, is bringing another retro-inspired sidescroller to the table.Developer Dopterra funded Creepy Castle with a successful Kickstarter in 2014, and has announced that the pixelated title will be making its way to PC, Mac, and Linux this summer. read more

From the Heart of Africa, An Action Video Game With Soul

Last week saw the release of Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan, the first major video game made in central Africa.Cameroon-based gamemakers Kiro’o Studios ended a successful crowdfunding campaign last October to help them finish the action role-playing game. read more

Pyre Announced by Supergiant Games

To be honest, this came out of the left field for me, considering it hadn't been teased at all and that this isn't a big season for announcements, but it's a pleasant surprise.For now, the only information comes from the official website and the reveal trailer. read more

Star Crawlers Preview - PAX East

You can choose to work with the mission givers or against them, for instance.Environmental challenges such as traps and events are procedurally combined to allow users replay without the game being driven by random numbers. read more

Super Mario RPG: Legend Of The Seven Stars Is Now Available For Wii U VC

While Mario & Luigi and Paper Mario took on that RPG mantle later, the first to do this was the beloved Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars and it is now available to download on the Wii U Virtual Console.This of course could be played on Wii U through the Wii mode, but now it has been fully brought over to the Wii U Virtual Console as well. read more

Persona 5 Tops UK Charts With The Biggest Debut of the Series Ever

It seems like Atlus’ Persona 5 is going to complement its glowing reviews with a rare commercial success for a turn-based RPG.The series debuts on PlayStation 4 with the biggest opening of any entry in the series and becoming the first RPG in claiming the top spot of the All Formats list since Ni no Kuni in 2013. read more