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Experimental battery uses bacteria to charge and recharge

A group of researchers from The Netherlands has devised a new biological battery that charges and discharges with the aid of bacteria.They’ve tested this system on the small scale and managed 15 charge cycles in a row. read more

NASA is designing a massive solar sail to reach interstellar space

In reality, the edge of our solar system is known as the heliopause, and it’s roughly 2.In hopes of reaching deep space faster, NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center is investigating a plan to use massive solar sails to reach the heliopause in just 10 years. read more

DARPA is moving ahead with plans to build its XS-1 spaceplane

But DARPA is moving forward with an ambitious plan to develop a spaceplane-based launch system called the Experimental Spaceplane (XS-1).Unlike that vehicle, the main body of the XS-1 would be designed only for sub-orbital flight. read more

Many extreme weather events can be traced back to an atmospheric 'traffic jam,' study suggests

When weather patterns hit a traffic jam, extreme events often result.The study pinpoints a phenomenon known as "planetary wave resonance" for trapping the storm above the Balkans. read more

We Might Be Totally Wrong About Why the Dinosaurs Went Extinct

How the dinosaurs went extinct is a contentious topic of endless scientific debate.It wasn’t just cataclysmic events that did in the dinosaurs—these were the final nail in the coffin. read more

What Happened When I Pushed Myself to Interview More Women

Therein we find one of journalism’s roles in the silicon divide: journalists simply don’t interview enough female sources.I've never found a real study of male versus female sources in science reporting, but in other topics—such as presidential politics—the number of female sources is sometimes as low as 20 percent. read more

Boerue - Shamanic Sci-Fi Animation Series

You’ve been to Olympus, seen Ra and fallen in love with Thor, experienced karma and achieved Nirvana.As an animation series, Boerue is about examining the synergy of art, religion and science by asking two important questions: “Who is entitled to posess knowledge? read more

Sciencing the Shit Out of Hitman Disguises

Everyone would be able to recognize the bald Agent 47 from Hitman, right?You are likely thinking the same thing I was when I first saw some of the early playthroughs of Hitman: there is no freaking way that those disguises would ever work. read more