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Researchers help shut down spam botnet that enslaved 4,000 Linux machines

A botnet that enslaved about 4,000 Linux computers and caused them to blast the Internet with spam for more than a year has finally been shut down.In February of this year, the group took control of the Internet address belonging to the command server, making it possible for researchers to "sinkhole" the botnet. read more

Do you know has Ultimate War launched a new US Server?

Like the title said, Ultimate War has launched a new US server, and have you played it on the new server?GoGames. read more

Out-of-date apps put 3 million servers at risk of crypto ransomware infections

The compromised servers are connected to about 1,600 different IP addresses belonging to schools, governments, aviation companies, and other types of organizations.Some of the compromised servers belonged to school districts that were running the Destiny management system that many school libraries use to keep track of books and other assets. read more

Pokemon Go Down Due to Server Issues

Original Story: Pokemon Go was never the most stable game out there.After a while things calmed down, many players left the game, and developer Niantic beefed up their servers across the globe. read more