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Chariot for Women, an Uber-like service for females, set to launch this month

A new Boston-area startup hopes to be a new on-demand ride service that will only offer rides to women, trans women, and children of any gender under 13.The company says that it is focusing on safety and will only employ female drivers, who will have background checks run by Safer Places. read more

How a Cam Girl Conspiracy Theory Sparked Masturbation Innovation

Last fall, I wrote about a weird little conspiracy theory making the rounds in the cam girl community, where angry fans accused cam performers of faking a sound-responsive vibrator’s reaction to the chime generated by viewers’ tips.To me, the whole thing seemed like bunk—if a cam girl exaggerates the pleasure she’s experience while on the job, well, welcome to sex work—but it got enough attention that it inspired one cam girl to do things a little bit differently. read more

Ask Dr. NerdLove: My Guy Jerks Off A Lot. Like, A LOT

For example, there’s the question of just how you’re going to fit into her community.But there’s a difference between being at an academic institution, where a certain amount of debate and questioning is built in, and another when it’s her day to day life and community. read more

Prince's style invented the sex symbol

Though the singer reportedly died Thursday morning in Minnesota, at the age of 57, his legacy — especially with style — will be remembered.Though only a teen, he owned his sexuality onstage and off with singles like "I wanna be your lover," and "I feel for you. read more