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The Devil’s Daughter shows off a younger Sherlock Holmes

The last Sherlock Holmes game from developer Frogwares, Crimes and Punishments, may not have been the belle of the ball, but it showed that the developer was certainly starting to pay more attention to how its games looked.Some tweaking the visuals here and there gave us a game that nearly, nearly looked as good as it played. read more

Sherlock Holmes is Back on the Case!

One of the most well-known fictional detectives, Sherlock Holmes, made his first appearance way back in 1887.Holmes’ keen powers of observation, reasoning, and deduction helped to pave the way for advances in real-life detective work within Scotland Yard, so it makes sense that he continues to be beloved by audiences! read more

Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter Preview for PS4 -

Forgive the history lesson, but up until now Frogwares’ Adventures of Sherlock Holmes series has felt like a direct videogame adaptation of the classic ITV version.Now, the studio has shifted gear entirely and morphed its Holmes into a strange hybrid of Jeremy Brett and Robert Downey Jr. read more