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Toy on a Mission UE4 Remix - Day 146

Hello again, And welcome to this week's Journal entry.I have not made much time for development, So I have not done much But I have done the (simple) task of changing the players jump height and exposed a option to set the height. read more

A Backpack - Beautiful Design, affordable Price

We put our effort in creating a bag that looks beautiful but is simple in the same time.The simple and clean design also makes the Ninokinota backpack a bag, that you can easily combine with different outfits - it also will look good and stylish. read more

Ray Tracing #2: Abstractions

It's going to take me considerably longer than one weekend to build out a ray tracer.Last time, I laid the groundwork to construct a PPM image and output a simple gradient image, like the one below. read more