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Listen To 65daysofstatic's No Man's Sky Song "Supermoon" Right Here

No Man’s Sky will be getting its long-awaited release this Summer, though you can already listen to a song from the game’s soundtrack.The song is called “Supermoon” and is by the band called 65daysofstatic. read more

Listen to the first track from No Man Sky's companion album

It's no secret that Sean Murray, lead developer of No Man's Sky, is a big fan of the band 65daysofstatic.He invited them to the PlayStation Experience in 2014 for a special concert called An Evening Under No Man's Sky, and said he actually built the game to a playlist composed largely of their songs. read more

No Man's Sky has infinite secrets under the surface of its planets in new gameplay footage

No Man’s Sky is fast approaching launch and is ensuring that the fairly quiet month of June is one to look forward.You fly around, explore planets, shoot stuff. read more

99.9% Of Planets In No Man's Sky Won't Be Visited, Dev Says

They learn landmarks around them, where they can get certain things, where caves are, buildings are and where certain resources are on the planet.” He goes on to say “When you land on a planet, like I said, no one has been there before. read more

Crafting in No Man's Sky is similar to Don't Starve

I then sorta fell in love with Crashlands – which has a similar vibe but less extreme consequences and more storyline.I already assumed No Man’s Sky would become my ultimate zen game, but hearing more about crafting gives me even more reason to be excited for it. read more

Hello Games Urges People To Avoid No Man's Sky Spoilers

Some early copies of No Man’s Sky is out in the wild and some leaked videos have surfaced online.The game’s developer encourages people not to spoil the fun and that they should play the game for themselves. read more

No Man's Sky On PS4 And PC Have Different Servers

For those wanting to know, the PS4 and PC versions of No Man’s Sky are using separate servers.Hello Games’ Sean Murray held an AMA on Reddit today where he answered a question about No Man’s Sky’s servers. read more

No Man's Sky 1.03 Full Update Patch Notes Revealed

Before No Man’s Sky releases on August 9th, 2016, there is a day-1 patch that you need to download.03 update patch on the official No Man’s Sky website. read more

No Man's Sky Review

What’s been created with No Man’s Sky is more a techical feat than something that is actually “fun” to play.To boil it down to its most basic, No Man’s Sky is a procedurally generated, survival game with crafting elements. read more

No Man's Sky Sales Drop Hard In The UK As F1 2016 Speeds Ahead

The UK sales chart has been revealed this week and No Man’s Sky didn’t do too well.The game’s sales dropped heavily as F1 2016 raced ahead for pole position. read more

No Man's Sky Update Patch 1.05 Available To Download Now For PS4

Hello Games has released update patch 1.If you own No Man’s Sky on PS4, you will notice that update patch 1. read more

No Man's Sky Pathfinder Update Adds New Vehicle This Week

Those fans will be rewarded this week with a new Pathfinder update, which is set to add a new vehicle to the game that will aid home planet exploration.A specific release date for the update was not given, and detailed patch notes will be given when the update itself goes live. read more

No Man's Sky Path Finder Update Makes the Game Look and Play Better

We saw this before with a massive free update after launch, and today sees the revelation of the next one.No Man’s Sky Path Finder update will bring a bunch of improvements to the game, including improved visuals and brand new vehicles. read more

No Man's Sky Update 1.23 Now Live, Includes 30fps Lock Option On PS4

The updates keep coming for Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky, with the game’s recent Pathfinder update coming earlier this month that made the game look and play better.96 GB on PlayStation 4 and 135 MB on PC. read more

No Man's Sky Update 1.24 Now Live With Patch Notes

The updates keep rolling for Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky this year, as now the 1.24 update is live across all supported platforms. read more