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HotS: Dehaka Gold Price Reduced, Wrong Hero & Spring Championship Portrait Issues - News

You can currently find Dehaka at 10,000 gold; you can check the rest of this week's sales here.A couple of days ago, Blizzard requested reports of people choosing a specific Hero and ending up in the game with a different one. read more

Legion Alpha: Two New Pets and Pet Battle World Quests

The second newest pet to be added to the Alpha is the , a wild pet from Azsuna.There are currently 29 new wild pets in Legion, plus many other pets from different sources. read more

Blue Posts and Tweets: General Legion Updates #9

Our first blue post is coming out from Celestalon on the Windwalker Monk forums.It looks like more changes are coming for the Monks, despite such drastic changes already happening in the new build. read more

Diablo 3 PTR: Stack Limits on Firebird's and Invoker's Sets

Season 6 is only two weeks away and there are still last minute changes happening in the Patch 2.Recently, stack limits were imposed on Firebird's and Invoker's. read more

Additional Pet Tuning Changes In Legion

A number of are planned for Legion, however a few more are now being considered.[] Developer Jeremy Feasel, aka: Muffinus, explains the newest changes. read more

Injustice 2 Receives Microtransactions And Firestorm Reveal Trailer

Earlier this week, the Injustice community was greeted with yet another character reveal in Firestorm thanks to the UpUpDownDown channel that’s hosted by WWE Superstar, Xavier Woods.But, due to the nature of the reveal video for Firestorm not really focusing on the newly announced character some people in the community were a bit upset. read more