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Watch live: SpaceX to launch, hopefully land its rocket today

With an instantaneous launch window that opens and closes at 4:43pm ET (9:43pm BST) today, SpaceX will attempt to send its Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon spacecraft soaring into space.While there is some intriguing cargo aboard the Dragon spacecraft, notably the expandable Bigelow habitation module, most of today's suspense will come after launch when SpaceX attempts to land its first stage booster on a drone ship off the Florida coast. read more

SpaceX has finally nailed reusable rockets with latest Falcon 9 landing

After several near misses, the Falcon 9 rocket delivered its payload to orbit, then successfully landed on a drone ship, ready for refurbishment and reuse.However, SpaceX also took the opportunity to attempt another vertical landing with the Falcon 9 first stage. read more

Weld by weld, NASA is getting closer to having the biggest rocket once again

With the Space Launch System (SLS), slowly coming together by pieces, it hopes to change that.The Space Launch System is a so-called super heavy-lift rocket, which puts it a category ahead of SpaceX’s venerable Falcon Heavy, and which also makes it the most powerful rocket every created. read more