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To power its rocket of the future, NASA turns to 1950s technology

For at least the first, uncrewed flight in 2018, NASA will use an interim upper stage.But Congress has been pressing the agency to settle on a new, permanent upper stage, dubbed the "Exploration Upper Stage," in time for the second launch of the SLS rocket in 2022 or 2023. read more

Watch live: SpaceX to launch, hopefully land its rocket today

With an instantaneous launch window that opens and closes at 4:43pm ET (9:43pm BST) today, SpaceX will attempt to send its Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon spacecraft soaring into space.While there is some intriguing cargo aboard the Dragon spacecraft, notably the expandable Bigelow habitation module, most of today's suspense will come after launch when SpaceX attempts to land its first stage booster on a drone ship off the Florida coast. read more

Is BAFTA trying to kill game developers? -

The thud – accompanied, always, by a flash of black and gold – is, despite its dramatic nature, ultimately prosaic.But it is expected, because this is what the video game BAFTAs, in my limited experience, seem to be about. read more